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She masturbates from time 2 time

Female Masturbation

The Tease: When a woman masturbates, She might use a technique called the tease to get herself warmed up. She slides her fingers up and down the hood of the clitoris.That's similar to when a men slides the foreskin up and down his penis. Many women find that by stimulating the areas around the clitoris (rather than just touching it directly) they achieve a better orgasm. They take thumb and pointer finger and grasp the clit in between and gently begin rolling it in between the fingers. By adjusting the pressure and speed of the rotations they produce nice orgasms!

Getting it Started: If she finds it hard sometimes to get her natural lubrications flowing - she might have a lot on her mind and her imagination isn't cutting it - it is helpful to lick the middle and index finger before rubbing clit and hood. Some women after they become wet, like to put those same fingers back in the mouth so they can get a little taste. That helps them reaching an orgasm.

Clit rub: A woman describes: "I masturbate three times a week - sometimes even more. I start by tickling and rubbing my clitoris gently until it becomes red and errect. As I become wetter, I start rubbing it with two fingers from left to right as fast as I can go. When I rub really fast, I then climax. It's a better orgasm than if using a vibrator. I usually masturbate in bed or in the bath. I fantasise that someone is watching, gets turned on and wants to join in."

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