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Oral sex on her

This may seem odd, but many women still aren't very familiar with men who love to go down on them. This can be for a variety of reasons, but having her intimate parts gazed at, smelled at close range and tasted can make her very uncomfortable. If she resists you going down on her by closing her legs, you should reconsider. She may have a very good reason for not wanting you to go there - smells, tastes and so on - and it might just be in your best interest! However, she may not be familiar with the sensual delights of cunnilingus, so she might need you to give her a warm, wet introduction. Normally, you will feel her stiffen up if she is uncomfortable, and she may jump to the next activity hoping you won't try again. If you sense her discomfort, this aspect of your sex life may require discussion at a later stage, when you are not in an intimate situation. If you go down and she lets you, you have your green light. Be gentile but with a quick tongue! - For inspiring photos of famous nudes click here: Famous Nudes Directory

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