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Period Sex

When you first get together with a girl, she may not know how to broach the subject of her period. The big question in these situations is, "Do you have period sex?" She doesn't know how comfortable you are with periods and "women's business," so this is a subject that you can feel free to talk about with her. You being comfortable with her period earns you many brownie points, so if you don't know anything about them, start asking questions, listen and learn. You will find out some gems about the way she works. Some guys are not too happy about getting messy, and some women aren't too keen on getting dirty whilst being on their period. Most, however, are fine with it as long as you are. Some women use sea sponges, which block blood flow, avoiding a mess and allowing freedom of penetration for up to six hours. Ask her, and if she says no, then don't do it. No does not mean "no forever," though; it just means "no for now" (unless, of course, she spells this out very clearly). So feel free to ask again later. Here is a handy tip for these sensitive situations: Women are often very easily aroused during their periods because high estrogen levels make them extra-sensitive, so if you get her hot enough, she won't be able to resist! In saying that, there are countless reasons why she wouldn't want to have period sex, such as smells, mess, obstacles, pain, and so on. Choose your timing carefully and it may turn into a green light (for instance, right after a shower). Green light: If she doesn't mind and you don't mind, go for it, but use your common sense with timing. Period sex is something that can happen right at the beginning of a relationship, though it does require an element of comfort with the bodily processes it involves. running red lights. The best way to establish when the time is right for a certain sexual act is to communicate with your partner. This does not always mean talking about it (yes, it's sometimes very hard to bring up some subjects), so using all your nonverbal cue cards will be necessary. Ultimately, she isn't going to dump you because you thought it would be kinky to tie her up and make love to her. On the other hand, she may just dump you.

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